Streetscape Improvements on South Court Street

Note: This blog post contains content (excerpts and image) from a story (Article Credit¹) published May 2019 by Katie Windham, a Staff Reporter at WSFA 12 News. Image Credit²

Street Renovation Nearing Final Phase

DuBose Construction Company, Todd Strange, former mayor of Montgomery, and other city officials were mentioned in the news regarding the final phase of the South Court Street construction project.

According to an article published by WSFA 12 News:

After a decade of waiting, residents and commuters of the South Court Street area of Montgomery are about to witness a major redevelopment, according to the City of Montgomery… At just over $8 million, Montgomery-based Dubose Construction submitted the lowest bid for the project. When adding up construction, engineering and inspections costs, the total price tag is estimated to be at just over $10 million.

Project Construction Overview

Description: A major remodeling of South Court Street, including a temporary paving surface laid down ahead of construction.

Location: Montgomery, Alabama

Project Limits: A portion of S Court Street extending approximately 1.75 miles, bounded by East South Boulevard to the south and Fairview Avenue to the north.

Project Map: To view on Google Maps in new tab, click here»

Start Date: June 2019

Estimated Completion: Summer 2021 (City of Montgomery³)

Project Status: Current Phase, Construction, 39% Complete (City of Montgomery³)

Construction Contractor: DuBose Construction Company

CEI Consultant: Volkert

Scope of Work: The renovation includes new construction and installation of several state-of-the-art amenities, including:

  • Sidewalks
  • Striping
  • Waterlines
  • Signage
  • Drainage
  • Gutters
  • Lighting
  • Paving

Project Drawings: 16 Plan & Profile Sheets – Open and view PDF File»

Google Street View: To open and view in new tab, click here»

Shown below (captured July 2019) looking north along S Court Street from intersection with E South Blvd.


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