Frequently Asked Questions


What does DCC stand for?

DCC is an acronym that stands for DuBose Construction Company.

It’s used by our staff and clients, and you’ll see it often on this website.

We’re not sure who started this trend or when, but we like their math. Why use eight syllables when three work just fine?


Who oversees compliance of General Contractors?

DuBose Construction Company is regulated by the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors. To verify our status as a “Prime Contractor” and Licensed General Contractor (#2350), visit the official government website».

For additional information about our qualifications, including business entity status, years of experience, industry affiliations, and active memberships, visit the Credentials section on our “About Us” page.


Private vs. Public Sector work? What's the difference?

DCC services are available for infrastructure projects found in the Private Sector (individuals and companies for profit and NOT state controlled) and the Public Sector (usually part of local, state, or federal government.)

Private Sector work is often localized and confined to a piece of property undergoing improvements for future residential or commercial structures. This type of construction is often referred to as Site Preparation and Development.

A typical Public Sector project, designed to interconnect these widely dispersed sites, provides the funding needed to build new highways and reconstruct roads for this purpose.

A typical Public Sector project provides the funding needed to build new highways and reconstruct roads that interconnect these widely dispersed sites.


What size company is DuBose?

Our company employees approximately 75 people who live in and around the Montgomery area and Central Alabama. (See next FAQ Section “Jobs”.)

Our organization is structured under four areas:

  • Management
  • Administrative
  • Operations
  • Construction

We have employees in our corporate office and asphalt plant facility, on-the-job field crews dispersed around the state, and other staff who travel in-between.

To learn more about the DuBose team, visit our Staff Overview page».


Are you hiring right now?

At DuBose Construction, we’re always looking for talented individuals eager to join our team!

Apply Now!

Are you interested in a career in the civil construction industry?

Let us know by completing our online application. It’s available 24/7/365.

It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out and click the “SEND” button. To get started right now, visit our Careers page».