Construction and Engineering Consulting Services

Products & Services

The DuBose Construction Company (DCC) offers a variety of construction and consulting services for the private and public sectors as well as fulfilling hot mix asphalt orders for General Contractors.

Product/Service Categories



Our infrastructure projects include the development, construction, and maintenance of roadways and sites that keep electricity and water flowing to your homes and businesses and move people and products you rely on to and from your community.

Site Work category

Site Development

Site development, also known as site planning, focuses on planning and developing of a site as well as impacts from permitting and environmental issues.

Construction Engineering Service

Project Management

As problem solvers, we possess the critical and analytical thinking, time management, people management and communication skills necessary for the creation of infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment.

Construction and Engineering Consulting Services


We offer consulting services for the public and private sectors throughout Alabama and the Southeast that address planning, construction, and management of infrastructures for roads, bridges, utilities, and related environmental and real estate issues.

Paving Materials Production Delivery

Paving Materials

We produce high quality, high grade asphalt and aggregate paving materials essential to the construction of highways, roads, parking lots, recreational areas, and other public and private facilities. If you’re a local general contractor, contact us with your quantity needs.

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