Ya Mon!

Mr. DuBose was always a great supporter of highway construction.


From the stories that still circulate concerning the early days of the Alabama Road Builders Association, it’s safe to say he enjoyed the camaraderie of the Association and its members immensely.


Mr. DuBose had a “hands on” management style where frequently he would be the first and last person at the job site in addition to tending to the administrative functions of the business.


DCC completed several major projects during the 1960s, including sites located in:


  • Leon County, Florida
  • Lake County, Florida
  • Baldwin County, Alabama
  • Escambia County, Alabama


DuBose Construction also performed work in Jamaica during these years, extending their service area nearly 500 miles to the south! Ya Mon!


The English translation for the Jamaican saying “ya mon” is “no problem!” (Source: Sandals Blog»)